Its been a busy week again! Starting a new patchwork as its been a few years since I completed my last big one (I have no pictures of the old one unfortunately because an ex of mine decided he was going to take it and not tell me when we split up! What a douche eh?!)

So I’m making a green / blue / turquoise one this summer, if anyone has any scrap fabric they want to donate please pm me! I’d love to have scraps in it from all over the world ^_^

Also attached is an awesome badge my best mate gave to me yesterday! <3ing Andy Warhol - this is the best badge ever and I’m never gonna take it off XD

Today I’m working on finishing my bright magenta cabinet, the sun is shining brightly in the flat today so the paint should dry really quickly.

However the lovely day is slightly ruined by the fact my record player has had it and needs to be replaced so no new music updates for a little while! :(((

Enjoy the sun people!



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